Sharing Diigo Links and Resources (weekly)

Here are more amazing blog posts from this past week:

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Sharing Diigo Links and Resources (weekly)

Here are some of the amazing blog posts that came out last week:h

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Sharing Diigo Links and Resources (weekly)

Here are this past week’s amazing blog posts:

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Sharing Diigo Links and Resources (weekly)

Great blog posts from the past week (the first ones of 2019!):

Ding! This needs your attention right now, notifications seem to say. Boing! It might be an emergency. Or, just as often: Boop! Somebody you love might want to talk to you. We get hundreds of notifications every day, and they are almost all lies.

  • Google Classroom can generate a lot of email. They are essential for me though to be able to respond quickly to students, which matters. The trick is to learn how to manage the email notifications. I have recently figured out an improvement to my fe…

  • For many people the difficulty in the transition from using Word or Pages to Google Docs lies in just knowing where little formatting features are found. One example of that is in adding footnotes to documents. In Word you find the option to add foo…

  • The essence of the rule is that once you have great power, you need to take the responsibility that goes with it. And yet, it’s backfiring.

  • Yesterday morning someone on Twitter asked me about creating Google Alerts. The question came in response to my post about copyright and plagiarism. In one of the videos in that post I mentioned using Google Alerts to find places where my work turns…

  • In A Taxonomy of Web Search , a noted scholar in the field of web search, classified web search into three categories. Those being navigational, informational, and transactional. When Broder was writing in 2002 navigational referred to a quest to im…

  • We spent the last 200+ years (at least) pushing consumption models of learning on most of our students. We asked them to be passive recipients of whatever information came from the teacher or textbook.

  • Checklists are a convenient and effective way to stay on track and get things done. I recall learning about their many benefits during a book study my district did on “The Checklist Manifesto” several years ago.

  • This morning a teacher in New York texted me excited about finding a website that uses real data to allow people to track the fire spreading each day. This week I was working with a college student using the math program ALEKS.

  • Recently, Lisa Nielson shared a public service announcement on Facebook. She asked that you not share, or repost, information that you have not verified as being true and/or information that is not from a verified source.

  • On Tuesday hundreds of thousands of works entered the public domain. That includes early movies, pictures, early audio recordings, and many pieces of literature. Many of those works are available through the Internet Archive.

  • As I wrote in my guide to using media in classroom projects, using public domain media is your best bet when you can’t use media that you created yourself. In that guide I included a list of places to find public domain media. This morning, I discov…

  • Today our students did a midyear reading goal reflection, a quick check to see whether or not their reading goal for the year should change. A quick check for them to take the pulse of their own reading life.

  • For the last decade Vocaroo has been my go-to tool whenever I’ve needed to make a short spoken audio recording. That might change now that I’ve started using from 123Apps. Online-Voice-Recorder.

  • Happy 2019. I thought this year I would go back to the beginning and reintroduce all of my previous work for a whole new generation! Sounds boring and a copout, I know.

  • Over the past few years, I’ve had the chance to speak at a variety of literacy conferences. From Nebraska to Maryland, Orlando to Austin, I’ve shared strategies for integrating digital tools into the classroom and favorite online resources for educa…

  • “Skype A Scientist” has been on the The Best Sites Where Students Can Ask Science Questions & Receive Responses since it began.

  • Google Keep is one of the most overlooked tools that students and teachers can access through their G Suite accounts. It can be used for bookmarking, writing notes, annotating images, sharing task lists, and creating reminders. I use the reminders f…

  • In October, I was grabbed by a headline on a column by Margaret Sullivan, who writes about media issues for the Washington Post: “The planet is on a fast path to destruction. The media must cover this like it’s the only story that matters.” See Wate…

  • Adam Chapman and I are back on track debating the distinctions between different kinds of historical games and what makes a game historical. I find myself, in these kinds of discussions, increasingly referring to important distinctions I have found …

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