Sharing Diigo Links and Resources (weekly)

Here are last week’s selection of amazing blog posts:

  • Need Infographics? These are infographic posters available from designers all over the world. Infographics and posters have gone together since the beginning, and I love that I can help support these design by sharing links to their work.

  • The question I get asked most often is “What software do you use to design your data visualizations and infographics?” Although it’s often different for every project, here are links to some of the most popular tools used by designers all over the w…

  • Join the DFW Data Visualization and Infographics Meetup Group if you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area! Logos are very important for a company’s image, it needs to be simple and memorable.

  • A useful tool for younger (and older) students to know is the Polyline tool in Google Slides. This is a type of line creation where students click to create vertices to create shapes. Learning this tool allows students to identify things in a pictur…

  • Sometimes you need your text in capital letters (or all lowercase). If your information is in a spreadsheet you can use formulas to make your text in uppercase (or lowercase). In a spreadsheet cell type =UPPER( and click on the cell that contains te…

  • Struggling with that term Rigor in your math class?  Administration and other teachers will ask “where is the rigor?”  Here is an answer for you: Rigor (noun):  the quality of being extremely thorough, exhaustive, or accurate.  “My class’s analysis …

  • A bit over 8 years ago, November 2010, I wrote this essay on I referred to it a few times in a talk the other day, and thought I should repost it. The central premise holds up well and is still the core of my method using video game…

Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

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